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Forro Dance Class



Dates: January 26- March 30 2019

Total Duration: 10h

Saturdays 3:00-4:00pm

Brazilian music and dance are magical, inclusive forces that bring all ages together. Forró (pronounced foh-ho) is rooted in the Juninha festival of rural areas in Northeast Brazil. In the dance, partners dance together spinning in a close embrace, easily invited to move by the playful rhythms of the music. The light, sensual quality of the dance has made it extremely popular in European cities and throughout Brazil.


In 3 basic steps you can feel the pleasure of dancing, creating friendship, exercising the body & mind, and releasing stress. (I believe 99% of the people that start learning forró forget all their stress and feel very happy). Come enjoy, bring a partner of any gender or meet many partners at class, wear clothes and shoes you can move in.

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